Guadalupe National Park

Guadalupe National Park
Directions from Whites City, New Mexico 35 miles
Turn right onto US HWY 180/62 W for 35 miles Right turn onto Pine Canyon Dr.
Arrive Guadalupe Mountains National Park Dell City. TX

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a vast wilderness area in Texas which is about a thirty-minute drive from Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. To fully enjoy this park plan on hiking. There is no major road which goes through the mountains. The Guadalupe Mountains is among the best examples of marine fossil reef. Geologist come from all over the world to see the fossils which were formed over 260-270 million years ago. It is hard to believe or imagine that over millions of years ago a tropical ocean covered portions of what is now Texas and New Mexico.

The park has over 80 miles of trails to explore. Sixty percent of the park is open to horse use, however there are no horse rentals in the area, so its BYOH. (Bring Your Own Horse!) .

My travel plans did not allow time for a full day of hiking; however, the locals recommend the trail to the summit of Guadalupe Peak. The views are tremendous and rewarding. I was told it is a strenuous 8.5-mile round trip hike with a 3,000-foot elevation gain. Much of the trail is over steep, rocky terrain. Hikers should wear comfortable hiking boots with good traction, and that are well broken in. Trekking poles aid in stability and can be a useful addition. Hikers should carefully monitor the weather. Afternoon thunderstorms are common through the summer months. Lightning can be especially dangerous at high elevations on the exposed peak. Watch the sky. If storms develop, seek a lower elevation. Should I find myself back in the area I will plan accordingly and take the hike.

Many of our national parks can be enjoyed driving or riding through in the comfort of our vehicles. This park is best enjoyed by foot or on horseback. Before venturing out on your own please review the information provided by the NPS website for Guadalupe as it does provide specific details and requirements. Have a safe and amazing trip.

The closest services are in Whites City, NM.